Nutrition App iOS UI KIT Exploration by Michael

This week, we invite you to join the Nutrition App Challenge! Create your ideal version of a nutrition app with a "balanced" design 😏

We want you to have as much freedom as you need. Don’t hesitate to try out interesting techniques and show your personality in your work. The only thing you need to do is make sure you stick to the topic and you only submit one file for this challenge.

Submission Requirements

The Nutrition App Challenge is here to feed your design appetite this week. Create a unique design for a nutrition app. We'd like you to use some of the latest design tools and practices, but be sure to incorporate your own personal design preferences, as well. You can design a nutrition app for web or mobile.


Please, just make sure that:

  • The source file is shared with us, your submission is related to and created for the Nutrition App Challenge, it's unique and your own
  • You only make one submission per challenge

12 Apr 2021

Let’s do it

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