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The foundation of company was laid around 2 years back with a vision to ensure early corporate connect to engineering undergrads by availing mentorship & internships on live projects at their disposal. While, doing that, we also started an R&D department 18 months ago in our company, where we would take projects from probable clients & build it for them. We as a company, take pride of the fact that we are customer first company, providing support to our service getters in the best way possible. The mentors involved in the first vertical, truly care about making some change in the education sector, and making more engineers employable, in fact sowing the seeds of entrepreneurship in them by making them work in different type of challenging problems and environments. Making sure, that if students have the willingness to learn, then their age and current education background should not be the factor that keeps them from quality education. The developers and Strategic planners involved in our R&D Dept. believe in just one thing, how much simple and yet effective can the product be for both a noob and a nerd to feel that this one is for them. It's an interesting benchmark, where we have had countless hours of agreements and disagreements and in fact keep having it on day to day basis, but the one thing that keep us intact as a team is that we share the same vision and passion.


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perks and benefits of joining Alien Brains
perks and benefits of joining Alien Brains
perks and benefits of joining Alien Brains
perks and benefits of joining Alien Brains