How distraction is impacting your mind?

In the age of the internet, dealing with distractions has become one of the most complicated tasks. 

Smartphones play a major role in making this thing complicated. 

Focusing on a single thing becomes so complex that you can’t think about one task at a single time. Some people encourage this by saying that you are becoming multitasker, your mind is becoming stronger to handle multiple tasks at a time. 

But, these types of people ignore taking a look into the result of one thing vs result of multiple things at a time.

Being a multitasker is not a bad thing but your result/output will be impacted when you will start performing multiple tasks at a single time.

Rather than working on multiple things, when you will apply all your energy, time, and attention at a single task by avoiding yourself from all distractions around you then your performance will achieve another level.

This concept is easy to say or discuss but it’s not that much easy when you will try to implement it into your real life.

Let’s understand, how can we simplify this so that anyone will be able to apply this concept into their life.

  • Priorities tasks: When you wake up in the morning, try to list down all your tasks or things you have to finish or anything that you weren’t able to finish from a week or a month.

Now, arrange these tasks according to your priority list or according to demand or requirement.

  • Assign an average timing to finish an individual task or time taken by an individual task.

  • Put your smartphone on mute, yes you heard me right, on mute. Don’t put it on silent because when your phone will be on silent, you will feel the vibration but mute feature gives you distractions free environment.

I am able to hear that your mind is telling you this is something that is impossible to do. But, keep that thought aside for a second and give this a try.

By practicing this, you will be able to achieve mindfulness and productivity growth by not allowing any distractions to disturb you. 

Thanks for reading.

By   kiwismedia  Anshu Kumar Shandilya