Question Every Single Thing

Since childhood, Our brain has been trained to not ask questions. 

When a student asks an extra question to the teacher, in reply they usually got to hear “Don’t try to be over smart”. In the same way when a child asks something to their parents about something, why this is in this way, why not in another way? In reply they usually got to hear “Keep quiet, don’t question” or in some case parents share some myths/unproven theories. 

While growing in this environment, a child do not feel importance of asking a question. Their teachers, parents are telling it’s not good to ask question. Then, how a child will ever thought about a question out their school curriculum.

After following same thought by different generations, one day this becomes the mindset of the whole society.

In this way, whole society adopts the mindset of not asking a question, never have any doubt about anything ever in their life span.

Let’s keep this aside for a minute and think,

What are the possibilities can come in the role when every human being start questioning about every single thing.

Are you able to visualize?

Have you ever heard, the more you use your brain, the better it will become day after day?

Yes, it’s proven that “the more you use your brain the better it will function, the better it will become”.

Do you know, why people go to the gym or follow exercise routine?

Yes, To get a healthy body, to feel fit, to gain muscles, to look beautiful.

In the same way, when you use your brain, your brain’s muscles also perform push-ups and pull-ups. That means using your brain is like exercising your brain, right?

“Questioning”, “Curiosity of knowing”, “Exploring” are the different ways in which you allow your brain to do some exercises.
The more you question, the more your brain will get environment to do push-ups and pull-ups.

Lastly, I have a small task for you. 

You have to ask at least 5 questions every day for a week. 

And, let me know how you feel.

Thanks for being with me.

By   kiwismedia  Anshu Kumar Shandilya