What are the advice you should keep in mind as a beginner level programmer?

*Beginner Programmer: Someone who has just started learning and exploring programming world and they have gained some basic understanding.

Type of projects you should start working on if you call yourself a “Beginner Programmer”:

Firstly let me tell you one thing, you just have started exploring this world so don’t worry about anything, just work and don’t quit if it feels complex. 

There is a lot to explore but Let’s first discuss things you should learn before starting working on any project.

Keep your whole attention on making strong your basic. 

Being at beginner level, you should never skip basic knowledge of any programming language. As per my experience, we usually skip basic of things and do not understand value of learning basic. No one usually tell why you should make your basic strong. 

Don’t switch between different domains before knowing and understanding about the field that you started initially. 

There will be any reason when you decided to explore particular domain. Something of that field triggered your interest. If you don’t feel interest in knowing about that domain, then firstly understand what’s it’s future and what are the opportunities you can get by knowing about that domain.
There can be situation in your life where you will realize that I shouldn’t skip knowing about that domain. So, at least gain some basic knowledge of that domain.

Reach out to experts. 

In the age of internet, everyone is just one step away from you. You should look for people who are experienced in the domain that you have selected. From these type of people, you will got to know about different insights. You will got to know about their mistakes that you should not repeat. Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium are some of the Platform where you will be able to find experts from different domains.

Some references to look for projects that you should look into.

Project Ideas: A Collection of application ideas which can be used to improve your coding skills.

Here you will be able to find projects ideas not only for beginner level but also for intermediate, advance.

Explore this and let me know if you got something interesting to work on or not.

*Answer to this question may vary to person to person. It depends upon their experience whoever is answering this question. 

Have some patience and don’t stop learning and exploring.

Thanks for being with me.

By   kiwismedia  Anshu Kumar Shandilya