What are the skills required to get an Internship as Android Developer?

Since release, Android is being loved by most of the world’s population. Nearly, 70–80% of the world’s population is using Android devices. And, This number is growing day by day.

As per user growth, you can assume the demand of Android Developer, it has grown rapidly in India in the last 10 years. Mostly because of the boom in startup culture. Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune cities like these are taking shape of the next silicon valley of India.

Every day you will get to know that someone has started some startup and solving some problem and in most of the cases solutions are coming in the shape of a smartphone app. As per the current situation, some of the apps that are in every Indian’s smartphone-like Zomato, Paytm, PhonePay, Flipkart, Swiggy, BHIM UPI,

And, after Startup culture started getting speed in the country, the role of developers was getting recognized and being valued for the work they do.

Understanding of Basic Java or Kotlin. Since 2018, when Google announced Kotlin as an official language for Android Dev, Kotlin is being adopted by any organization. So, in some case, if you are someone who has knowledge apart from Java then it’s a plus point for you. In Android app development if we forget about XML part then 80–90% of the app is built upon Java or Kotlin(In some case).

Must have Design sense. Nowadays, users are being more aware of their taste and experience. If you will not fulfil their taste then your survival in this industry will become complicated. So, if you are interested in playing long term game in this industry then you must have to know about the design and have to understand what type of design is trending in users surrounding. Either it’s a modern design, material design, etc.

Understanding of Activity Life Cycle. In Android, most of the thing move around the activity life cycle because an app is nothing but a group of activities. And, there is a cycle that every activity of app follow from “Create” to “Destroy”. You must have an understanding of this.

Must have Problem-solving skill. When you start working on an app, you work on different features. And, every feature is nothing but a presentation of a problem. And to successfully build any application you have to learn how to deal with problems, how to find the solution of any problem(Stack overflow, GitHub Gist, Reddit). Any organization do not want to deal with that type of candidate who has to no idea how to use Stack Overflow, GitHub.

Understanding of Android Studio. Android Studio is like a Gas oven for Android Apps. Before you prepare any dish, you have to know how to operate a gas oven. Otherwise, you will end up blasting your kitchen.

This was a guide for an internship. No organization expect expert level understanding from an intern so prepare your basic and above-mentioned points and apply for internships.

Apart from these if you have any extra skills like you are good at writing, debugging, open-source contributing, networking, etc. Do not forget to mention these while having an interview session. These points will increase your chance of getting selected. Because these are part of every organization work culture.

Let me know if you have any doubt or want to ask anything.

Thanks for being with me.

By   kiwismedia  Anshu Kumar Shandilya