What's in deep down there?

No one usually tells us that “Hey listen”, whatever you are going to start is not going to be easy when you will try to explore in depth of that topics or domain.

For solving complex problems you need to explore detailed part of learning because whatever you have explored yet will be only applicable to solve easy problems. 

Everyone will just tell you one the and that is “We are going to provide easiest ways to explore the topic you are interested in”, “We are best at providing very simple and easy way to understand points”, etc. 

Do you know, this can’t be true. 

Because, when you will be interested in exploring in depth, their will be tough ways that you have to go through. And, by skipping those path you will redirect yourself from not exploring things that you are interested in.

There will some path that you have to follow consistently to get there. 

Let me tell you one thing, Once you opt to follow this path, you will enjoy more than you enjoyed when you started and solved some basic problems.

This is a kind of inexpressible thing, you will only understand this happiness, enjoyment when you will try once by yourself.

There are peoples in this world and we are surrounded by those types of people who had explored depth part of domains. They have understood the meaning of exploring in deep of any topic. 

There is a book named “Deep Work” written by a very famous writer of this century Cal Newport. Give this book a try, if you want to explore more on this context.

Thanks for being with me.


By   kiwismedia  Anshu Kumar Shandilya