Why having Portfolio is becoming new normal?

Age of the resume is about to expire from the hiring industry. The portfolio is becoming new normal.

Before Covid-19, most of the organization used to hire someone based on their resume.


One reason can’t justify this question. Reasons can be like “Industry follow this way of hiring”, “It can be a filtration process”, etc.

But after the world faced this Covid-19, everything shifted from physical to virtual. So, organizations started asking candidates “have you published your work somewhere, from where we can take a look into that?”, “is there anyway, you can showcase your past works?”, “How can we look into those projects that you have mentioned in your resume?”.

In the time were whole has been shut down, organizations do not want to waste their money on hiring someone who will be not capable of their requirements.

Everyone understands that one-page resume can’t define what someone has done in their life, projects have been build by a person who is mentioning in their resume?.

When hiring industry will switch into “Portfolio-based hiring”, every individual will be more focused about working on real-world projects, learning new things, understanding every aspect of projects they have worked on.

Learning, building and showcasing will be the only priority for every individual to grab any opportunity.

So, there can be a question in your mind,

Is there any format for a portfolio?

As per my knowledge, there isn’t any particular format for a portfolio. But, there are some of the points that your portfolio should must-have.

  • Brief Introduction about yourself.
  • Presentation of your works(Blog, App, Website, any other projects).
  • Present your skillset.
  • Your Achievements.
  • Testimonials(In case, you have launched any projects in the market or worked for some client).
  • Your contact details.

These are someone of the points your portfolio should cover.

Here, I am mentioning some reference for portfolios.

  1. Ratul's Portfolio
  2. Anshu's Portfolio
  3. Aquib Portfolio
  4. Riten Portfolio

Explore these and let me know if you want to know more.

Thanks for being with me.

By   kiwismedia  Anshu Kumar Shandilya