Why should you share your work?

We are living in the age of internet where you are getting rewarded for being online either in form of entertainment, knowledge, connectivity, etc.

And, If you have access to internet then I am assuming that you understand the power of internet. Basically, what and how an Internet can impact your life.

In this blog we are going to discuss about all these, why you should share whatever you work on.

Before I continue to share my thought on this. Let’s hear from Austin Kleno

Show Your Work

There is a book named “Show your work” written by Austin Kleno. You must check once to explore more on this topic. 

Basically, There can be several reasons as Austin Kleno have portrayed. Let’s discuss some of the reasons. 

While we work on something whether it’s a graphic design, a mobile phone application, web page design, a blog or anything that is your mind’s output we usually leave them in somewhere in our laptop or any dairy. In rarest case after thinking 100 times, we decide to share with our close ones to know their suggestions. 

But most of the time, we do not want to hear world’s view on our work because we are afraid what they will say whether I am going like that comment or not. 

By doing this, we miss one of the most important thing that every creator work very hard to get that. That is people’s views/comments on whatever they create/build. At the end of the day whatever we build/create/make that is for people who are out there. If you will be afraid in knowing their comments then you will not be able to sustain in long term.

Show Your Work

So, By sharing you work, you got to know about what peoples are thinking about your creation. What are valuable suggestions they have, whether they liked it or not. And for a creator these suggestions are like gold.

These suggestions help them in improving their work, learning more about their domain, understanding what their audience want to see.

If you are someone who is looking for a job or an internship then sharing your work online can be more valuable than your one page resume

Because in this time everyone is on internet whether it’s a CEO, hiring manager, developer, designer of any company. They all have presence on internet. Platform may vary in this scenario. Either it can be Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Dribble, GitHub, etc.

So, if an organization need a developer and their hiring manager saw your portfolio or any work while scrolling twitter feed and that matched with their requirement. Then they are not going to follow a hiring process to reach you out. They have your mail/social contact. Now, it’s in your hand to crack that deal. But, sharing your work defined a path from hiring manager twitter feed to your mail box.

Lastly, I am going to leave you with some visuals from Austin Kleno book.

Show Your Work
Show Your Work

Thanks for reading.

By   kiwismedia  Anshu Kumar Shandilya