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No personal favors, No strings, No hidden agendas and no expiration date. We take this opportunity to invite all those labelled marginalised, informal and unorganised businesses to join our journey of making this world a little better than we found it.

Unlimited branding and graphics designing at just Rs 100 per month.

Our design and branding team will help you create your brand online as well offline by providing you the necessary elements for your business. Our designers will create new logos, flyers, posters marketing materials, ads, and anything else to make you shine bright and branded. Our marketplace then does the rest of the job to highlight your presence in the world. All we ask is a formal partnership with you to go ahead and serve the world. You are free to use our infinite branding and design services until you make your mark and have everything you need.

Thanks for your constant act of creating better lives for millions in a several way that goes unacknowledged and unnoticed. We dream of nation where every citizen goes out and own branded and standardized products or services and proudly brags about it.

Signing off,
From a fueler.


The world can be a different place to live for all only if we are willing to make the right utilization of our education. Education was meant to change your life, and hence the life around you by the endless opportunities it brings with it. The businesses around you would have been different if you were able to apply your knowledge, ideas, passion for them. But are we making the right use of our education when it comes to contribution to society that we live in?

We at kiwismedia firmly believe that every problem is a problem and has the solution for it only if we urge to find it. Today, we implore you to bring out that fueler inside you and start making the difference today itself. Yes, you can and It's never late to make that ding in the universe that you have always wanted.

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