You deserve to work on something you love. We just make that a lot easier for you.

But is it worth your attention?

Imagine you can apply to your dream job and internship by showing your works and not by your credits

Marketplace that let you choose the type of company or startup you want to work with

Pursuing your passion becomes a lot easier when you have a fair idea of its market demand

A lot much easier when you get to pursue your passion based on your portfolio of works you have done so far

All those late nights and early mornings working on your passion is going to be worth it


We are a platform where your works are your only true worth and you can make a career out of that


Visionaries who are passionate about their works and hence take accountability in sharing their work.


Rebels who are willing to be hired based on the portfolio of works they have done so far.


Pragmatists who believe in practical based learning in the world of theorists.


Mavericks and non-conformist who believe in their work and trying to challenge the status quo.


Dreamers and doers who are willing to inspire through their work.

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We are not just another social platforms

We aspire to become a platform that inspire you to create and helps you become self reliant with your skills and proof of works.

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